Bend Oregon, a former mill town, has been transformed into a commercial, residential and vacation mecca. Since 1996, Bell Hardware of Bend has assisted architects, contractor and homeowners into making Central Oregon a vibrant urban center. Today, our Bend location meets the needs of contractors from the Columbia River to LaPine.


Joe Haynes, who owned a commercial hardware installation business for 25 years, his project managers, and support staff are experts in both commercial and residential projects. Their excellence is evident in schools, hospitals, office buildings, government facilities, churches, warehouses, assisted living facilities, resorts, banks and airports.

Recent Projects

St Charles Medical Center Patient Tower, St Charles LaPine, Bend Science Station, Robal Road Village, Sherman County Courthouse Addition, CTUIR Education Center, New Bend Elementary School, Bend LaPine School District Security Upgrades, Bethlehem Inn, Young Life Expansion and Echo Winery.